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By E.S. Shankar

Who built the Taj Mahal? Was it Shah Jahan, his chief architect, design and building engineers, craftsmen and artisans, the human resource slave driver, the slaves or the person who laid the last brick? Sure, it required everyone’s combined expertise, commitment and effort. But, any great project must start from a person with the vision and the means and drive to see it to completion. It took Shah Jahan 11 years (1632-1643) to see his project through. He left us with an architectural marvel for all time. So, the credit must always go to him. So, too Pharaoh for the Great Pyramid (Egypt) and Nebuchadnezzar for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Iraq).

Here is a well-quoted cliched saying:

It takes 20 years of hard work to achieve instant success.

The roots of Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) 2018 General Eelection victory go back to 1998 when Anwar Ibrahim, then Deputy Prime Minister, was sacked by Prime Minister Mahathir, following the Asia Currency Crisis. Anwar retaliated with the Reformasi movement. For the first time since Independence (1957), Malaysians understood that life without UMNO/BN, was possible. WE, THE PEOPLE woke up to the realization that we could chart our own destinies as a nation without being deliberately divided by race, religion, colour and creed. UMNO/BN’s main aim has always been to keep large sections of the population uneducated and ignorant, so as to capture their votes come every election time with 2 bags of rice, 2 sarongs and RM200 each.

Nelson Mandela went to prison for 34 years (1964-1988) before he wrested Independence from the white murderous apartheid regime in South Africa. It took him another 5 years to negotiate general elections (1994) and become President. Do you think the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria etc., happened overnight?

So, who won us GE 14? Mahathir, Anwar or Kit Siang?

This is an absolute fact. No one else but Anwar could have united PKR with DAP and PAS to stand under one banner as Pakatan at GE 2008 and 2013. With each GE we were getting closer to victory. In 2008 Penang and Selangor fell to Pakatan. PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was booted out by UMNO for losing its 2/3 majority in Parliament. Mahathir was instrumental in engineering Bawadi’s downfall and installing Najib as the successor PM. Najib stole the 2013 elections with RM2.6 billion he misappropriated from 1MDB/SRC, despite which he lost the popular vote 48:52.

It was on the cards that PH would emerge victors at GE14.

It’s therefore downright stupid of Daim to claim that Anwar failed for twenty years, when in actual fact, he was laying the road to victory brick by brick. Did Mahathir or Daim lift a finger to help Pakatan in 2008 and 2013? Not one! In fact, they were singing the same old tune – DAP anti-Malay, anti-Islam, anti-Monarchy, Kit Siang Singapore Stooge, Communist in sheep’s clothing etc. Anwar? Not fit to be PM, two Federal Court judges had written opinions that he had engaged in homosexual acts etc. (What right did these scurrilous judges have to express their personal opinions in their written judgements?).

Mahathir’s supporters are in a state of denial. Most urbanites in the West Coast states, especially the Chinese and Indians, were already going to vote PH, come what may. PAS and UMNO were going to be wiped out in Selangor. Penang for DAP was a foregone conclusion. Amanah and Warisan were already in the bag without Mahathir.

I will not belittle Mahathir’s contribution to PH’s victory. With Anwar in prison, Mahathir, as the face and leader of PH, was pivotal. It swung fence-sitters and more urban AND rural Malay votes towards PH. He provided that much needed firm, charismatic, no nonsense or  backing-off crucial leadership to counter an arrogant and over-confident Najib and UMNO.

But to me, the true hero of GE 14 is DAP’s Lim Kit Siang. He got Mahathir reconciled with DAP, PKR, Amanah and Warisan. When the going got tough and push came to shove, he compromised further. He agreed to Mahathir being interim PM, Wan Azizah Deputy PM and Anwar, PM in waiting. He bent backwards and dropped the DAP logo for the PKR one when sabotaged further by the Election Commission. Who would have faulted him if he had demanded at least the Deputy Prime Minister’s post? But he did not. He made two sacrifices, refusing even a Ministerial post and allowing young blood to develop, all in the national interest. What more could we ask for a definition of a true patriot?

Documents such as a Party Manifesto are not legally enforceable any more than MOUs or 'till death do us part' marriage vows. Nevertheless, we take them seriously when we decide who to form alliances with, contract business or cast our votes for. They are documents of truth in the sense that they are black and white records of what political parties promise us and are particularly relevant where we have a coalition government and later wish to hold them accountable for their performance.

The PH government comprises parties that have fundamentally different philosophies. Mahathir's Pribumi is a Malay/Bumi race-based party, PKR and DAP multi-racial, Amanah Islamic and Warisan Sabah-centric. So, without them having a common platform, who would have voted for PH?

This is where the Manifesto comes in. Many of us voted PH not merely because Mahathir led them, but because we believed more in DAP and PKR. The Manifesto then becomes a very important, powerful document. It is not cast in stone; no Manifesto is forever as no master plan ever is.

But, if Mahathir or anyone wishes to depart from the Manifesto for whatever reasons, then they must consult the other PH leaders and give a damn good reason for it to their supporters. Have we not been protesting against arbitrary fatwas and fiats?

And if they don't? Well, we are entitled to voice our concerns publicly, peaceably assemble to register our dissent, exert whatever pressure we can legally and throw them out at the next GE.

Is that not what we have been fighting for since 1998? The very fact that Mahathir has had to back-track and adhere to 3 Manifesto promises - abolish GST, Repeal Anti Fake News Act and No Two Posts for PM - shows us clearly that he himself realizes the importance of the Manifesto.

Seriously, are all these promoters of petition saying that in a nation of 31 million people, we cannot even short-list 5 qualified Malaysians for the Education Minister’s post? That Mahathir, who is THE person responsible for the shambles our education is in, now has a magic wand with which we will leap to world class achievements alongside Finland, USA, Canada, Singapore etc.


So, it’s my opinion that Mahathir could not have achieved a PH victory relying merely on his charisma and leadership. The results tell us the truth. PKR won 49 seats and DAP 42. Warisan 6, Amanah 3. PPBM? 13! With some 75% of the seats going to PKR and DAP, the voters have clearly told us who should lead for the long-term.

Of course, Mahathir deserves to be accepted and treated as a national treasure and hero. He has changed and wants to make amends for his serious lapses of judgement and errors of the past, and opportunity that few get. He is a giant and deserves the chance to leave behind a lasting (good) legacy. But, the sooner he hands over the reins to Anwar, the better. We do not need to wait the full two years. If the coalition accepts it, Anwar should be PM in about 18 months. Like retired US Presidents, Mahathir should then get on the national lecture circuit.


How long was Nelson Mandela President of South Africa? 5 years (1994-199)! World class leaders always know when their work is finished, when to pass the baton and leave centre-stage!

One of the main lessons we must all learn from this historic GE is to NEVER, NEVER, EVER put any PM or politician on a pedestal. Beyond a certain point, hero-worshipping will become a millstone around our necks. This cult of personality is already upon us with the minority PPBM demanding that PH ditch its Manifesto, restore  Mahathir as Education Minister and have elections for the PM position after he leaves. This is a dangerous development.

Long nights ago, a tryst was made with destiny. PH leaders had agreed on a transition formula, pledged and communicated it to us. PH supporters voted them in, based on that promise.That pledge must be redeemed in whole, not in part. They will renege on it at their own peril.

In a sense, Mahathir only laid the last brick.



By E.S. Shankar









By E.S. Shankar

One of the matters which everyone is waiting for, is the release of the explosive Auditor General's 2016 Report on 1MDB. It was Unconstitutionally classified under the Official Secrets Act by Najib, to cover up his looting of 1MDB.

A little bird told me yesterday that the AG's report clearly identifies that some RM16 billion went to the bank accounts of Najib and Jho Low.

Above is my analysis of about US$4.5 billion = RM19 billion posted more than a year ago in my blog, Malaysia Chronicles, Twitter etc and quoted by many others in their blogs and tweets. That sum was plundered by Najib, Rosmah, Riza Aziz (Rosmah's son), Jho Low and 3 Arabs. My information was based on two USDOJ affidavits, Sarawak Report, Rafizi and other reports by foreign newspapers.

Minus the amounts stolen by the 3 Arabs, my figure is RM16.2 billion! You will not find this detailed analysis anywhere else in the world. Not bad eh, for someone who is not the Auditor General

Btw, Najib replaced AG Ambrin Buang with Dr.Madinah Mohd who has no accounting qualification or audit experience. The fact that she is the wife of an UMNO Chief who said he was prepared to die for Najib is pure coincidence.



By E.S. Shankar

This is the morning after the unexpected bloodless revolution. Victory is OURS. The hangover has gone. How do we address the problem of that ogre Najib and the citizens who knowingly served in his crooked administration and aided and abeted him in the looting and plundering spree and others who supported his government of thieves?

Perhaps, we should be guided by the words and actions of three men, all universal heroes. I am a firm believer in the power of words and the saying that ‘The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword.’ I would go as far as to say that I live by it. Our victory just proved that.

First, I shall go to Abraham Lincoln’s 4 Match 1865 second inaugural speech as US President, which ended with the electric words:

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

So, Lincoln rightfully finished his address by pinpointing that it is the welfare of those who fought on the morally and ethically right side, the victors, which shall take priority. As for the losers, he was magnanimous in treating them fairly with no retaliation or recriminations, the whole objective being to unite a divided people into one nation, to move forward.

Next, and you may disagree with me on this, but I think the precise moment we arrived as the human race was on 4 July 1776 when a group of some of the most intellectually advanced men, ever, led by George Washington, drafted and signed the US Declaration of Independence. Every time I read Lincoln’s words and the USDoI, I choke. Here are the relevant extracts:

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

As far back as almost 250 year ago, these men and women who did not have electricity and modern conveniences, television, internet or social media as we know it, realized and put paid forever to an old myth. That fallacy which they dispelled was that among us there are groups of men and women whom a mysterious God ordained to be perpetual rulers. That this group of humans, unlike the rest of us, had strange blue blood running through their arteries and veins. Washington and his men literally told you that “where any form of government becomes destructive to these ends,” WE, THE PEOPLE, have every right to throw them out by the scruffs of their necks. As someone correctly observed, this is the paragraph that sowed the seeds of revolution all over the world, especially after World War 2. Right-thinking citizens everywhere began to take charge of the destinies of their countries. Those who claimed they were Divine Kings and Royalty, largely perished.

Lastly, my hero Nelson Mandela. We all have our favourite 20th century heroes and heroines – Gandhi, JFK, Martin Luther King Junior (what an orator!), Evita, Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, even Princess Diana. Mandela served 28 years in prison before he emerged unscathed and undaunted to wrest control of South Africa and establish democracy. This is a global record of sorts, beaten perhaps only by Singapore’s Chia Thye Poh who was unjustly imprisoned for 32 years by a regime that falsely accused him of being a Communist out to overthrow the government. Again, my tears flow involuntarily whenever I think of the atrocious ways humans often treat other humans.

Why Mandela? IF Mandela, when he finally became President, had given the merest hint to the African National Congress (ANC), there would have been bloodshed in South Africa which would have made the American War of Independence look like a Queen Elizabeth garden tea-party. The white population there would have been wiped out. Who would have blamed him as the ANC was seething with the memory of decades of Apartheid and assassinations of their heroes like Steve Biko.

Instead, in 1996, Mandela pulled out from the 5th Dimension, his Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and healed a deeply divided and wounded nation. What will a TRC do for us:

1.      We will invite victims and/or their families and friends, and all those responsible for wrongdoings, to voluntarily testify in open public hearings about:

(a)     Murders, killings and deaths they know about or that they may have committed or assisted in.

(b)     Human Rights violations.

(c)     Exra-judicial abductions and executions.

(d)    Misappropriation of public money, fraud and money-laundering.

(e)     Abuse of power.

(f)     Violence against others.

2.      If those suspected of serious wrongdoings do not wish to testify voluntarily, they can be legally summoned by the Commission.

3.      Both victims and perpetrators can request punishment or amnesty from civil and criminal prosecutions.

4.       The Commission will eventually decide on the merits of each case and recommend to Parliament to offer amnesties, with public censure for the less serious cases and full prosecution in our courts for the worst cases.

5.      Some of the work of the TRC can be taken up by Royal Commissions of  Inquiry (RCI). This would be relevant where co-operation from the police, MACC and security personnel, ex-Ministers and top civil servants would be unlikely:

(i)                 Teoh Beng Hock (murder)

(ii)               Altantuya (murder)

(iii)             Hussain Najadi (murder)
(iv)             Kevin Morais (murder)
(v)               Pastor Raymond Koh (abduction)

(vi)             Pastor Joshua Hilmi and wife, Ruth (abduction)

(vii)           Socialist/activist Amri (abduction)

(viii)         1MDB/SRC (fraud/financial scandal by Najib)

So, the list below of of those who should be questioned, fired and charged is not about a witch-hunt or revenge. Far from it. We need to heal wounds. We need to reiterate and reinforce the principle that crime does not pay so that the human philosophy, morals, ethics, politics and social conduct of future generations of Malaysians are cemented on solid foundations.

Plus of course, Najib, Rosmah, Riza Aziz, Jho Low and ex-IGP Khalid Abu Bakar (twitter hashtag @Kbab51 whom I have parodied as Kebab51).

When I think of men like Lincoln, Washington, Gandhi, Mandela and MLK Jr and their action-oriented  intellect, shining intelligence and achievements, I feel like a tiny ant by comparison. Actions always speak louder than mere words. And I cry freely. And I try to follow as much as I can in their footsteps. This is for you to think about to secure a nation’s future on sound footing.

We owe it to our children.



by E.S.Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for dreamworks locomotive affairs


1. Rugi Kasar $218 JUTA

2. Rugi Bersih $637 JUTA

3. Rugi Terkumpul $2.6 BILLION

4. Defisit Equity $1.3 BILLION

5. Hutang kepada Kerajaan tak bayar $1.4 BILLION

6. Going Concern qualification oleh Auditor, Deloitte & Co. Tanpa sokongan Kerajaan, KTMB bangkrap! CLICK SINI untuk laporan audit KTMB bagi 2015.

7. Akaun 2016 belum keluar, lewat 16 bulan. Nampaknya sengaja disembunyikan sebab PRU 14, serupa dengan 1MDB dan SRC!. Akaun 2017 - tiada berita.

Projek2 besar yang disentuh oleh Najib dan Kerajaan penyamun2 UMNO/BN terhempas. Masih nak undi untuk mereka? UNDILAH PAKATAN HARAPAN!



by E.S. Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for dreamworks locomotive affairs

1. Project - 688km single electrified track built on double tracking formation, running from Port Kelang on the West Coast to Kuantan and Tumpat in the East Coast.

2. Expected completion date - 2024.

3. Original budget - RM27 billion. The key to the success of ECRL is freight volume/income, not passenger numbers.

4. Najib-inflated final fraudulent contract amount - RM55 billion, i.e. extra RM28 billion. Refer Sarawak Report article dated 26 July 2016, about three months BEFORE Najib announced the contract. Najib's crony Jho Low is a co-conspirator in yet another massive fraud perpetrated on Malaysia. CLICK HERE and HERE.

5. Contractor - Communications Construction Company (CCC) a Communist China state-owned company.

6. True Cost? - Likely to exceed RM100 billion, taking into account land acquisition, compensation to settlers, China loan interest, train operating losses for the first ten years (based on current GROSS LOSS incurred by KTM for 2012-2015) and contingency costs. See compound interest tables below.

7. How? - By fictitious additional scope of works, fake invoices, money-laundering and creative accounting.

8. Why? - To part-plug huge hole created in 1MDB's balance sheet by Najib, Rosmah, Jho Low, Riza Aziz and 3 Arabs.

9. Proof of Najib's fraud:
  1. NO OPEN TENDER for public contract awarded to CCC blacklisted by World Bank for fraud and shoddy work.
  2. Najib and Malaysian government have not sued Sarawak Report or its editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown of London.
  3. Current KTM train freight volume for the whole of Malaysia is about 6.2 million metric tons. In order to achieve 53 million metric tons by 2030 for ECRL alone, freight volume will have to grow by about  20% compounded every year between now and 2030 (next 12 years)!
  4. As far as anyone knows, ECRL has not signed any new guaranteed minimum freight volume contract with China or anyone else.
  5. Loan interest @ 3.25% p.a. when countries like Japan are offering under 2% p.a.
  6. No proper project papers or projections have been publicly disclosed as it has all been kept under wraps under the Official Secrets Act (OSA). This is a standard Najib ploy for all no open tender and directly negotiated contracts despite being funded 100% by the Malaysian Taxpayer.

10. Ten reasons why we don't need RM55 billion ECRL. CLICK HERE.

11. What is the one sure proof that this is a massive fraud by Najib? Najib and UMNO/BN all sing the same song that the ECRL RM55 billion inflated fraud is a "Foreign Direct Investment". It is no such thing. Every single cent of of the more than eventual RM100 billion cost/debt will have to be repaid by the Malaysian Taxpayer to CCC and Communist China.

Vote serial liar and defrauder Najib and his UMNO/BN government of thieves OUT! OUT! OUT!



by E.S. Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for borrow don't pay affairs

Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional, PTPTN, or the National Higher Education Fund Corporation, was established in 1997 by the government to enable students to borrow money cheaply to finance their tertiary education, locally.

To put it simply, PTPTN's business model is a recipe for a disaster that has mostly, already happened.

Why and how? Numbers do not lie, they tell us the story.

1. It's obvious that even if PTPTN were to double its annual income to RM2 billion, it will still lose money. After expenses, it cannot cover about RM1.7 billion annual interest cost on RM40.35 billion loans, with interest running @ about 4.2 % p.a.

2. The only reason PTPTN has shown profits is because, between 2011-2016 alone, Najib gave PTPTN RM8.3 billion in FREE GRANTS! 

3. Without this annual freebie, PTPTN would have gone bust many years ago! So, Taxpayers are well entitled to ask how top management can be held accountable for performance, if Najib and his administration are waiting round the corner with an open cheque book for any amount to bail them out?


EPF and bank loans total RM40.35 billion against Student Loan Debtors of RM40.2 billion. However, this is highly misleading, as there seems to be a massive under-provision for NPL bad debts @ RM108 million or 0.25% of debtors.

PTPTN has admitted that it was due to collect RM18.81 billion between 1997-2016, but actually collected only RM10.72 billion, a shortfall of RM8 billion.

It also revealed that some 660,000 borrowers had not repaid a single cent! CLICK HERE.

Between diploma and degree holders, the average loan per student outstanding, as shown in the accounts, is about RM20,000. Using these figures, the NPL could be:

660,000 x 20,000 = RM13.2 billion! So, the disclosure that $8 billion makes up arrears overdue by more than 1 year, needs explanation from PTPTN. 

5. In his 2018 budget, Najib has agreed that the Federal Govt, i.e. YOU AND ME, THE TAXPAYER, will generously absorb hundreds of millions of ringgit that PTPTN has been writing off each for loans given to first class degree graduates, as well as discounts for early loan settlements. In 2016, this amounted to RM288 million and RM94 million respectively. Between 2013-2016 the total figures are RM662 million and RM443 million! How generous of Najib to put us all in more debt!

6. PTPTN has also done some astounding things:

a. In 2016, it borrowed an additional RM5.15 billion in Islamic sukuk funding from local banks. Does it expect to increase its other income by funding it with 100% borrowed money? PTPTN paid RM9 million in fees for this sukuk funds.

b. It made additional payments of RM406,549 and RM513,554 to "important employees", averaging more than RM40,000 per person. No details are available as to the exact nature of these payments, why these 11 persons deserved it and if it was over and above their annual bonus. This is a disease that seems to afflict many a GLC and govt corporation under Najib. Regardless of the financial position or performance fiasco at that entity (e.g. FGVH), top management can get away with paying themselves huge salaries, bonuses and perks!

c. There is no explanation why salary cost increased by 17% in 2016.

d. Other than one Chinese, the rest of 25 persons comprising Chairman, CEO, Board members and top management pictured in the 2016 report, some of  whom are government-appointed (including Attorney General Apandi Ali), are ALL Malay/Bumi. Why is this so?

7. So, is there a solution to this nightmare? I did not cause the problem. But, here's my thinking:

a. Firstly, after 20 years, PTPTN must bite the bullet and write off all bad debts. Much of it might be due to deaths, emigration or poor documentation and record keeping. This basically means that somewhere between RM8-13 billion, or up to about 33%, MAY NEVER BE COLLECTED. What in reality is the worst case scenario?

b. Next, all the Bank Loans should be re-negotiated and lending banks forced to take a big haircut. Let them take a hit as part of national service, like WE THE TAXPAYERS.

c. Stop all waivers for first class graduates and early settlement discounts. The interest charge is low. If you don't believe it, try borrowing on commercial terms from banks. The government must make available funds for PTPTN at the same rock-bottom cost of funds as for Bank Negara/MoF/Treasury.

d. PTPTN and the govt must go all out on a debt-recovery blitz. Goddammit, just publish the full defaulters list at its website, in all the newspapers, air the names of  the most recalcitrant borrowers on TV and Radio and take legal action without guilt.

Basically, all these irresponsible borrowers want two bites of the cherry. They got a PTPTN loan which is already funded with Taxpayers money and subsidised low interest, enabling them to get a degree and a higher paying job. Now, when it comes to repayment of that loan, they are asking the Taxpayer to subsidise their loans again with discounts, rebates and waivers! Have you no shame? You borrowed, you pay! It's a struggle? Yes! But, it was not any better for the older generation either. Many of us got nothing from our government, not 1 cent. We too struggled and slaved and stinged and cut corners so that the next generation could get a head start and good benefits. You have a right to higher education, but not the right to pass the burden of your cheap loan to others.

e. The PTPTN Top management and downline staffing should be re-structured to employ more proven professionals and be more inclusive.

f. Our education system should be revamped, like yesterday. Right now, many are pursuing degrees with no proper grades or interest, resulting in them not being able to find relevant well-paying jobs. Bring back vocational schools, so that there will be an additional avenue for young people to acquire practical skills which will allow them to earn decent, living wages.

8. Only then will we have a true and clear picture of the Taxpayer bailout that is required. Let not Najib pretend that it's a government or UMNO bail out. Whichever way one looks at it, it's the Taxpayer who is going to be walloped.

9. Where to find the money? Easy:
a. Cut the Minister of Education's salary for goofing and the MoE budget for wastage. The Minister and his top executives at the Ministry must be whacked for the PTPTN mess.
b. Cut Najib's PMO over-bloated and ridiculous RM17 billion budget by at least RM10 billion.
c. Abolish the Federal JAKIM and save RM1 billion a year, as religion is a State matter.
d. Stop ALL scholarships to Pakistan, Indonesia and the Middle East countries, especially for religious studies. If I am going to subsidise some unknown's education in the national interest, and I am not totally against it, it will not be to countries where our youth get brainwashed to become ISIS and/or Taliban extremists with bomb-making expertise.




by boinie madhoff, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for too-good-to-be-true glc investment affairs

The following people and companies/organizations are REAL, not FAKE:

1. Najib
2. Datuk Seri Siti Azizah Sheik Abod - Special Officer (Pegawai Khas) to Najib.

3. Musa Aman - Chief Minister of Sabah
4. Isa Samad - ex-MB of Negeri Sembilan, once suspended by UMNO for money-politics, ex-FGVH Plc & Felda Chairman.
5. Bung Moktar Radin - Chairman of Felcra, Kinabatangan, Sabah MP
6. Gyorgy Matrai - founder of Limage Holdings S.A., Luxembourg.
7. "Dr." George Miller - convicted conman & founder of Ladylaw Securities Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Died early 2014.

8. Nic Manikis - current MD of Ladylaw, an Australian and much respected (in Australia) retired civil servant.

9. Azlan Shah bin Md Radzi - Ladylaw Project Co-ordinator and TJJR Diversified (M) S/B CEO.

10. Junaidah binti Husin - Director TJJR.

11. Fauziatul Noor binti Husin - Director, TJJR.
12. Jaafar bin Rihan - EPF GM Islamic Financing

13. Dato Azhary Ramly - UMNO Division Chief.

14. Clare Rewcastle-Brown and Sarawak Report.
15. The Australian newspaper.
16. EPF, Felda, Felcra, KWAP, RHB Bank, Sabah government and Ministry of Finance (MoF).

What appears to have happened is that Matrai and Miller managed to contact Najib sometime in 2012 or so. They made various proposal, with Najib's explicit support, for GLCs to invest in multi-billion ringgit property and other "deals" with promises of pie in-the-sky returns on investments and hefty profits/commissions for themselves. Miller passed away early 2014. Subsequently some new proposals were made by Miller's replacement, Nik Manikis.

Sarawak Report has broken the news of what appears to be a massive scam to misuse EPF's investments in RM10.64 billion of government guaranteed Tenaga and PLUS bonds.

The crooks had planned to use these highly rated EPF-owned bonds as collateral to borrow money from overseas banks/financial institutions and others for their own dud investments :

"Extensive evidence has emerged of an extraordinary operation to loot Malaysia’s public savings funds and pass billions of dollars into accounts controlled by individuals answering to Prime Minister Najib Razak. Following an investigation spanning several months, Sarawak Report has sighted numerous documents which reveal that since 2012 a group of operatives, assisted by two convicted foreign fraudsters, have collaborated to extract billions of dollars from EPF, KWAP, FELDA, FELCRA and other public savings funds and government linked companies.

The scheme was to invest the public money into risky, foreign investment vehicles owned by the two unlicensed foreign fraudsters (both previously jailed for financial crimes) in return for major kickbacks targeted into a small Malaysian company named TJJR Diversified (M) Sdn Bhd."

Sarawak Report has written extensively about this as well as another proposal by little-known TJJR Sdn. Bhd. for an incredible RM47 billion 'Integrated Medical Cities' project. TJJR CEO Azlan Shah is also Ladylaw's "Project Co-ordinator":

1. Ten Billion In Bonds Looted From EPF To Raise Four Billion Dollars For Najib. CLICK HERE.
2. Secret Mega-Hospital Or A Scheme To Save Billions? CLICK HERE.
3. Najib Pushed Malaysian savings Fund To Invest More Billions With Another Convicted Foreign Fraudster. CLICK HERE.
4. Fake News From EPF? CLICK HERE.

There also appears to have been another huge "deal" with Felda,  for US$1 billion or RM3.12 billion, initiated through its then Chairman, Isa Samad.

Predictably EPF has denied that any such thing happened with carefully worded statements, as did RHB Bank.

But, this matter cannot be dismissed so easily, particularly since Nic Manikis has come out in Australia. He has revealed that he and TJJR have been threatened with lawsuits by UMNO Division Chief Dato Azhary Ramli for US$25 million or RM 100 million commissions due to him on the very deals that EPF and RHB are denying ever took place.

More than that, Manaikis also confirmed that his attempts "enjoyed the support of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak" in an interview with The Australian newspaper.

So, the possibilities are:

1. It never happened.
2. It happened, but the respective managements stopped the scams before any real damage took place.
3. It happened and there is a massive cover-up going on.

If it never happened, then:

1. Why is, of all people an UMNO Dato, Azhary Ramly, openly threatening to sue two parties for US$ 100 million (RM100 million), and embarrassing his own leader Najib?
2. Why did Najib's Special Assistant Siti Azizah chase Felda to move its butt?
3. Is Isa Samad's letter below to Azlan Shah of 1st April 2013 confirming  Felda's investment decision and instructions to transfer US$1 billion via HSBC London, a FAKE letter?

Could thousands of letters and documents be forged by someone  or a group, just to discredit Najib and his UMNO/BN? What is the likelihood that with the general elections coming any time now and Najib's track record of the 1MDB/SRC RM46 billion and ECRL RM55 billion fraud, that another massive fraud (or two) has actually taken place for "buy election" funds?

Why have The Australian and the Canberra Times front-page news on this issue if they do not smell blood? CLICK HERE.

And what do these pictures above and below tell us? Are they all FAKES? Are we so far, only looking at the tip of the iceberg?

Your guess is as good as mine!