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LETTER TO USA PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA! I did it! See picture below for the acknowledgement from the White House!

I managed to email my Najib protest letter to Obama. It's not my best effort as I had to cut it down to below 2,500 characters including spacing.

And if I can do it, so can YOU! Please sign the petition:

And here is the link to email Obama:

You can use my template below or cut/add as you please. But get the message across! We need all the help we can get to throw that serial liar, 1MDB$30 billion and KWAP $4 billion defrauder, looter, plunderer, embezzler, racist and bigot Najib and his govt of thieves in prison. Do not forget that Asia Sentinel HK has published in print that 3 murders revolve around Najib and Rosmah - Altantuya, Najadi and Morais. He has not sued AS, WSJ or Sarawak Report. He dares not take anyone to court because he is as guilty as sin!

TEXT of email sent to USA President Barack Obama:

Dear President Barack Obama

I am a Malaysian citizen. I am very sad that you who brought back much needed integrity and honor to the US Presidency, and achieved so much for the USA, and the world too during your two terms, will have to take leave of office soon.

I am writing to you regarding a civil action brought in July this year by the US DoJ against Malaysian state-owned corporation 1MDB, certain of its officials and other individuals for multi-billion dollar kleptocracy.There can be no doubt in anyone's mind that 'Malaysian Official 1 (MO1)' in the DoJ affidavit refers to Prime Minister Najib.

He planned this looting to secure a slush fund to rig the 2013 General Election and corruptly enrich himself. About US$8 billion is unaccounted for in 1MDB's books. Najib replaced its auditors with Deloitte & Co in which his son is a partner.

Najib thwarted an investigation into US$681 million in his personal bank a/c, by Unconstitutionally sacking the AG and transferring out investigators. Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister was sacked for casting doubts on Najib's ridiculous claim that it was a donation from unnamed Saudi Arabia Royalty.

In spiteful retaliation against the USA, Najib made a lightning visit in November to China with which he signed deals worth US$32 billion. He also made a thinly veiled speech against the USA, saying "former colonial powers should not lecture nations they once exploited."

Najib and his wife Rosmah have also been linked to three murders by Asia Sentinel HK. He has failed to sue them or the WSJ and Sarawak Report that accused him of fraud, embezzlement, money-laundering and abuse of power.

Given this scenario, Malaysians need all the help you can extend to us before you finally leave the Presidency. May I therefore humbly ask that you:

1. Kindly request the DoJ to unequivocally and publicly confirm MO1 as Najib Tun Razak. Although a minister admitted in a BBC interview that MO1 was Najib, he is still refusing to own up to anything, claiming that it is a civil action against others and not him.

2. Kindly persuade President Elect Donald J. Trump not to drop this case.

Malaysia has become a police state under Najib. He is prepared to Talibanize and turn it into an Islamic state with Syariah and Hudud Laws.

Malaysia will owe you a debt it can never repay if you would help us in our hour of need.

Thank you and God bless.



by sharon oliver stone, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for basic instinct religious affairs

Is this what UMNO's Najib and PAS's Hadi wish to achieve for Malaysia with the backdoor reading of Hudud Bill 355 in Parliament? (It's a Bill until it's passed in Parliament, receives the Royal Assent and gets gazetted. Only after that does it become an ACT). Turn it into a 4th world pariah Taliban ISIS state?

Bill 355 is a betrayal of both Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia because of guarantees in the Constitution vis-a-vis the rights to freedom of choice of religion and practising it, and no overlapping of civil court-syariah court jurisdictions. The legality of Bill 355 is therefore seriously in question as it seeks to alter our fundamental inalienable rights without the 2/3 majority vote in Parliament and amendment to the Constitution that would otherwise be mandatory!

And by keeping quite, MCA Chief Liow Tiong Lai and MIC Chief Dr.S. Subramaniam are doing the most treasonous thing they can do to Malaysian non-Muslims - allowing Hudud to become law by silence and default!

They have not thought it through have they, our so-called elected MPs:

1. Where a Muslim and a non-Muslim commit a crime together, say CBT, the Muslim might receive 30 lashes of the cane or amputation as punishment, but the non-Muslim, who cannot be tried in a Syariah court, will not be subjected to the same sentence.

2. Insurance laws do not recognize Hudud. So, in a motor accident claim, the non-Muslim may have no recourse if the other party is a Muslim!

3. Are Muslim doctors in Malaysia willing to administer amputation? What about their Hippocratic oath?

4. Are Malaysian Muslims really willing to accept stoning to death in adultery cases? Are they prepared to accept that their dear and precious daughters and wives may have no justice for rape if they cannot produce four male witnesses to the beastly event? Are they prepared for this - CLICK HERE.

But the real danger is that once the Hudud lobby gets its foot in the door, it will only be a matter of time before Hudud and Syriah law completely replace civil and criminal laws. 

CLICK HERE AND HERE for more detailed articles on the dangers of Hudud and Syariah laws for non-Muslims.

And note too, the cowardly way Najib is going about it. He has left the hatchet job to DPM Zahid by scooting off to Peru. Zahid has become Hadi's stooge, and spindoctoring to Muslim MP's that Hudud will be good for them. Where is Hadi? Why is he not doing the lobbying? Why has Zahid agreed to be Hadi's donkey and balls carrier?

Najib is gambling that by a miracle Hudud will unite the Malays and that the majority of them will then vote for UMNO at GE14. But, this is a pathetic pipe-dream with the Malay vote now split many ways - UMNO, PKR, PAS, Amanah, Pribumi, Perkasa and Warisan (Sabah).

Malaysia is hurtling towards failed-state status. It's up to the Malay Muslim majority to stop the runaway train!



(All $ refer to Malaysian Ringgit or RM).


This shocking RM270 million fraud, misappropriation of funds and abuse of power by Prime Minister and Finance Minister Najib, with the assistance of Jho Low and the top tier of  executives at 1MDB like Shahrol Halmi and Ismee, was first revealed by Sarawak Report in November 2015. 

But, recent events where George Soros has been accused of interfering in the internal affairs of Malaysia, makes it necessary to expose the deep-rooted hypocrisy of Najib, UMNO and their paid gangsters, thugs and hooligans headed by Jamal Yunos and his reviled band of Red Shirts.


The Red Shirts are reminiscent of the era of Hitler's Brown Shirts, Gestapo and Jackboots which led to dictatorship, fascism, World War 2 and saw a hundred million people die! IGP Khalid Abu Bakar immediately looked for something to distract us from the miscalculated move by UMNO to unleash the Red Shirts and the stinking 1MDB $30 billion and KWAP $4 billion looting by Najib. He latched on to that really old news that George Soros' Open Society Foundation had given monetary grants to Malaysiakini and Bersih, and lately, the Bar Council. 

With lighting-quick speed reserved only for Opposition MPs and NGOs. he announced that he had formed a 5-man team to investigate the possibility that Soros, Malaysiakini, Bersih and the Bar Council may have indulged in activities designed to "undermine Parliamentary democracy"!! This is in distinct contrast to the snail-paced investigation to charge Najib with the biggest swindle in Malaysian history. His negligence in also charging Yunos and the Red Shirts for causing violence, threatening a repeat of May 13 and failure to serve 10-day notice for their rent-a-mob demos is further confirmation of the IGP's double standards and that  has been bought over lock, stock and barrel by Najib!

Soros and his OSF does not promote violence, overthrowing of governments, revolutions or riots. Its stated aims:

"....where rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the monopoly on the truth" makes the Open Society Foundations unlike any other private philanthropic effort in history. CLICK HERE.


Ever since the 1998 Asian Fiance Crisis, UMNO/BN has blamed Soros for the severe recession that followed. CLICK HERE. The truth is it was gross overspending and poor economic planning by Mahathir and UMNO/BN that led to it. And it was not just Soros, but hedge funds across the globe which attacked Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. Mahathir has mended fences with Soros. Yet again, UMNO's monstrous hypocrisy surfaces. In the '90s, Mahathir and Bank Negara lost a staggering $30 billion gambling in the same forex markets as that of the 1998 crisis.

Even the two-faced Najib met Soros in New York in 2010. Here is the proof of that. CLICK HERE.

Having once again stirred up a lot of anti-Jewish sentiments, how is Najib going to explain the fact that he engaged Goldman Sachs USA to raise funds for 1MDB and paid them an unheard of 12% fee of $2.6 billion? This outrageous deal which reeks of corruption and kickbacks, is being investigated now by US Law Enforcement agencies. CLICK HERE.


The truth is also that Malaysia has been funding foreigners and interfering in the internal affairs of other SEA countries. For many years Mahathir and UMNO have constantly been trying to undermine Singapore by claiming that the Malays there had been reduced to 2nd class citizens and that they were worse off than their counterparts in Malaysia, a claim not borne out by any know international yardstick for measure of wealth, economics. standard of living, education, welfare or happiness.

Malaysia has also been guilty of funding for many years Misuari and his Moro National Liberation Front terrorists who have indulged in kidnappings, killings and armed resurrections in the Philippines.


Which brings us to Najib's $270 million fraud, Frank White, DuSable Capital Management incorporated in Delaware USA, the US Democratic Party, President Obama and interference in the internal affairs of  the USA by Najib and UMNO.

DuSable was formed in 2013 by Frank White who was President Obama's chief fund raiser in 2012. It cannot be a mere accident then that Obama visited Malaysia twice in recent years in in 2014 and 2015, or that Najib went to Hawaii to play golf with Obama and got a lashing from the Press for not returning home fast enough to respond to disastrous floods in Kelantan that affected more than 200,000 people.

DuSable, an entity with no experience whatsoever in solar energy, was invited  in 2013 by Najib to participate in a 49%:51% joint venture (JV) with 1MDB to build a solar power plant in Kedah. 1MDB too had zero experience in the solar power business. As far as information is available, DuSable did not come up with a single cent of equity for the JV.

Barely a year later in October 2014, DuSable sold its "interest" in the JV back to 1MDB for an astonishing US$69 million. During that period, DuSable also earned consultancy fees of US$506,000,  making it a total of $270 million clean profit within 1 year.

In short, within 1 year, DuSable, with no experience in solar energy and which had come up with no money of its own, sold a 49% stake in a JV with 1MDB for a staggering $270 million, when not a single stroke of work had been done, and STILL HAS NOT!


In the meantime, DuSable has made contributions to the election campaign funds of several USA Democratic Party candidates. But these political contributions are peanuts! What happened to the bulk of the $270 million?

What is obvious is:

1. Najib and Jho Low needed $270 million quickly.
2. 1MDB was swimming in cash, the bulk of which was raised by Goldman Sachs with extortionate fees.
3. A con job was hatched by Najib and Jho Low with a fictitious Solar Power Plant project in Kedah. There is now a similar Najib championed con job to siphon $28 billion by inflating the East Coast Rail LIne (ECRL) project to $55 billion, to cover up a $30 billion hole in 1MDB's balance sheet!!!
4. Frank White and DuSable agreed to participate in this Malaysian fraud masterminded by Najib and Jho Low, definitely for a fee.
5. Most of the $270 million went elsewhere. But the fact remains that Obama made unheard of visits to Malaysia in 2014 and 2015. There is a clear trail that some of that money went to US Democrat politicians. (In 2001, Mahathir got the Foreign Ministry to pay Jewish lobbyist Jack Abramoff $4 million so that he could go kiss Bush's ass, and become, in his eyes, a (pathetic) hero to UMNO. Part of that $4 million must have ended up as a donation to Bush's campaign funds too).
6. A good hefty part of the $270 million must have ended up in Jho Low's pockets as well as Najib's, no doubt to pay for more of Rosmah's Birkin Bags, diamonds and anti-ageing cream and pills.

So, Najib has fraudulently blown $270 million of 1MDB and Taxpayers' money as if it was loose change. He has interfered in the internal affairs of the USA by donating big money to USA Democrat politicians.

And now, Obama and the Democrats have lost the US General Elections to Trump and the Republicans! What a waste of public funds!

There has never been a more despicable scoundrel, thief, defrauder and looter in Malaysian history than Najib, aided and abetted by his government of thieves and the equally detested IGP Khalid Abu Bakar and Attoney General Apandi Ali! Read 'em and weep the full story by Sarawak Report. CLICK HERE.

We must do everything possible to get rid of this unholy den of thieves quickly. Do not forget that Najib is also implicated in 3 murders - Altantuya, Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais!



by Sum Ting Wong, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for China affairs


Crime Minister Najib can no more change his lying and thieving ways than a leopard can change its spots. So too with his just announced $144 billion of con job MoU signed with China in a sudden and dramatic shift of global alliances away from USA and the West.

This is the demagogue who was accused of drawing out a keris and threatening to spill Chinese blood at the TPCA stadium in 1987, and who in 2013, in blatant racist overtones, accused the Chinese of causing a Tsunami in voting for the Opposition and losing him the popular vote at the General Election.

Now he is busy pawning Malaysia's prized land banks, infra projects and defence procurement contracts to China like its going out of fashion, not caring a toss about the damage that will do to to our finances, growth or world standing. But, Najib lost his moral compass way back in 2006 with his involvement in the C4 murder of Altantuya. CLICK HERE for 'Murdered In Malaysia:The Altantuya Story.'

Make no mistake. It was either that or hara kiri for Najib. There is a huge $30 billion hole in 1MDB's balance sheet resulting from the looting of 1MDB by Najib and his thief-in-arms, Low Taek Jho aka Jho Paris Hilton. Together with interest on massive borrowings, 1MDB's debts, much of it falsely classified as investments, stand at $53 billion. The "investments" are represented by worthless "units" or IOU, fake papers created by Jho Paris Hilton through dummy corporations and fake investment holding companies incorporated in off-shore tax shelters fronted by his handsomely paid (with money looted from 1MDB) Mafia.

Genius audit partners at Deloitte & Co were duped into signing clean audit reports for 2013 and 2014, pressured by the fact that Najib's son works there as a partner. Deloitte resigned recently, hoping to avoid global negligence law suits by putting out a disclaimer that their 2013 & 2014 audit reports should no longer be relied upon. But, it's too late. Deloitte can be sued by any investor or bond holder as no audit report can be legally withdrawn after it's been approved via a resolution at a company's AGM and financial statements filed with the Registrar of Companies.

There is another $4 billion of borrowings from KWAP, the government's pension fund for civil servants, that has gone missing from 1MDB. Possibly, a hundred million or so ringgit is accounted for by investments in Mongolian and Indonesian coal-mining ventures. The rest was looted by Najib and Jho Paris Hilton. When threatened with loss of testicles by Malays, Najib, as also Finance Minister, illegally transferred the $4 billion loss to the Ministry of Finance (MoF) where rests the debt to KWAP, guaranteed by the Taxpayer with details classified under the Official Secrets Act (OSA)!

Now we come to the $144 billion of MoU with China. CLICK HERE. Firstly, MoU are a dime a dozen. A few years ago when Najib went to Kazakhstan for his daughter's wedding, he took along with him a planeload of relatives, friends and civil servants, all expenses passed on to the Taxpayer by the biggest cheapskate freeloader (and his wife) in Malaysian history. To make it look real, some 40 or 50 MoU were signed between Malaysia and Kazakhstan. Till today, not one has materialized as a contract or project of any worth!

Secondly, all these projects will result in outflow of money from Malaysia to China. Ultimately, the Malaysian Taxpayer will have to foot the cost. It's not a case of the Chinese actually bringing in FDI's to invest in sustainable long-term businesses in Malaysia. They will be mere contractors. Remember, MALAYSIA has to pay for littoral ships, frigates and their maintenance contracts. That being the case, why are there no open tenders for purchase of ships, arms, weapons etc.?

Of the $144 billion of MoUs, we have the price-tag for only 1 project - the 55 billion East Coast Railway Line (ECRL). There are no figures for the rest.

In July, Sarawak Report leaked out that Najib was planning to fraudulently tag on $30 billion to the 600km ECRL project to plug the $30 billion he stole from 1MDB, thereby increasing the project cost to a staggering unheard of $60 billion or $92 million per kilometer! CLICK HERE. 

By comparison, work is scheduled to begin on the 197 km Gemas-JB double-tracking railway project awarded to China Railway and costing $7.13 billion or $36 million per km!! CLICK HERE. Given the way things are done in Malaysia, you can be sure that even the $7.13 billion price tag has been inflated by a minimum 15%. There may be a few extra tunnels, still, how could ECRL cost 2.6 times more per km than Gemas-JB?

A clueless Works Minister Fadillah Yusof screamed 'foul', saying it had not been discussed at Cabinet level at all. So-called Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai's views on the contract are conspicuous by their total absence. But, the biggest and worst conscienceless crook in Malaysian history, Najib, has now bypassed every government department and Minister, and signed the MoU with China state-owned company, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), for $55 billion, without calling for an open tenders. 

The reason is obvious. CCCC has been blacklisted by the World Bank for serial corruption and shoddy works in several countries. CLICK HERE. A leopard can never change its spots. In 2002 Najib as Defence Minister, signed the $8 billion Scorpene Submarines contract with DCNS of France knowing they were involved in corruption and MURDERS in France, Taiwan and Pakistan. In the end, $575 million was siphoned out as "commissions" by Razak Baginda for kickbacks to UMNO, more in marking up the true cost of the submarines, and Altantuya got murdered!

The ECRL project handled personally by Najib stinks of corruption even before a single line has been sketched on the drawing board. More than that:

1. How could ECRL cost $27 billion and the financing, more than 100% at $28 billion?
2. Where are the revenue projections to show how the capital sum of $55 billion and subsequent commissioning, operational and maintenance costs will be paid?
3. What is the break-even cost and years of this project? In the past, the EPU (Economic Plundering Unit) under previous crime ministers, came up with fancy pie-in-the-sky passenger traffic numbers to award sweetheart automatic toll increase and compensation contracts to croney Toll Highway Concessionaires. Similarly, in justifying $30 billion for the double-tracking railway projects, they came up with unheard of increases in passenger and freight load volume projections. Yet, KTMB has turned in nothing but huge losses.
4. Once the ECRL is completed, if ever, then the current Gemas-Kelantan line will lose big money. Has Najib factored this into his business model?

I will give it to you in black and white right now - the ill-conceived and fraudulent $55 billion ECRL, like Perwaja, Proton, MAS, will turn out to one of the biggest money losers in Malaysia's financial history.

Najib has also issued a full commercial bank licence to China Construction Bank, reckoned to be the second largest bank in the world. This surely means that Maybank, CIMB, RHB and Affin, all tier 1 banks, will take a massive whacking in profits and share prices. Has Najib thought that far ahead to what it will do to his racist Bumiputra agenda? How will the Malays react?

As for Melaka development etc., why exactly does Najib need the China parties? If you are going to hand out multi-bilion ringgit real estate projects on plum long-term deferred payment terms, why not do it by open tender to local and/or international developers? Unless of course, fraud and corruption are major considerations! 

Believe me, bird's nest export and research are not going to propel Malaysia into high income nation status anytime soon. And why would China set up a steel plant in Sarawak? Where would the steel be exported to? Malaysia where Perwaja has failed big time? To China where they can produce it cheaper and there is a slow down? Are these MoU for real?


Remember, all the other MoU too will result in OUTFLOW of money from Malaysia. Where will Najib find the money when our debts have exceeded $800 billion, and has more than doubled under him since 2009?

Jack Ma appointed digital consultant? Don't make me laugh. We had Bill Gates before and where did that get us? It's not Jack Ma who's the problem, it's the Najib mind set. Crooks and thieves around whom (Najib) three murders have revolved have no interest in the PEOPLE or their welfare.

They are doomed to fail spectacularly, not least because Communism and Islam sit uncomfortably side by side!



by choo choo curi, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for rolling stock robbery & corruption affairs

You would have thought that after being caught with his pants down raping 1MDB to the tune of $30 billion, Najib would have stopped. He was helped in Malaysia's largest single act of Kleptomania by his step-son Riza Aziz (which implicates Rosmah), croney Jho Low, Lodin, Shahrol Halmi and Ismee from 1MDB, Serigar Abdullah from the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa.

Economic Plundering Unit's (EPU) Nor Mohd Yakcop must have been con-sulted. Sycophants from the ruling party UMNO - Ahmad Mazlan, Shahrir, Azalina, Rahman Dahlan, Syed Keruak and many others - benefited cash-wise from it so handsomely that they dare not expose Najib for fear of self-incrimination in massive corruption.

It was the same brains mistrust of Najib - Ali Hamsa, MoF and EPU - which faked leasing arrangements involving government land to borrow $30 billion from EPF for so-called PPFI projects. Now they dare not reveal what projects this humongous $30 billion was spent on or who the Bumiputra contractors were, citing OSA privilege. Most importantly, the MoF has no idea how it is going to repay EPF the $30 billion other than by rolling the debt over and over again, hoping God will find a solution . Assuming that each contract was worth $10 million, the projects must have gone to 3,0000 Bumiputra contractors; yet the Malaysian Bumiptra Contractors Association knows nothing about it. Into whose pockets exactly did the $30 billion disappear into, Najib, Serigar and Hamsa?

Now Najib has proposed the $55 billion ECRL project which was apparently not discussed by the Cabinet. Works Minister Fadillah Yusof maintained in July that the cost was $30 billion and disputed a Sarawak Report expose that Najib planned to illegally and criminally inflate the cost by another $30 billion to $60 billion to plug the huge $30 billion hole he created in 1MDB's balance sheet. CLICK HERE AND HERE.

However, Najib's 2017 Budget speech three days ago proved Fadillah a liar. He confirmed that project albeit now re-costed at $55 billion. We can now see why Fadillah was so keen to play down Sarawak Report 's damning post on pre-planned corruption. His brother, Sarawakian Bustari Yusof, is a huge beneficiary of the $30 billion Pan Borneo Highway designated for Sarawak and Sabah. CLICK HERE.

Padding government procurement contracts is nothing new and has been perfected by none other than Najib himself. The 2002 Scorpene Submarines contract signed by Najib jumped from $4 billion to $8 billion and got Altantuya killed. Similarly, government purchases of fighter planes and armoured patrol vehicles and many others.

In 2008, the government also undertook the Double Tracking Railway Project (DTRP) costing $25-30 billion. The line stretched from Padang Besar in Perlis at the extreme north to Johor Baru in the extreme south. There was much thievery in this, as the project originally started in 2001 with Mahathir budgetting $45 billion, reduced to $18 billion finally. Then, India Raiways was elbowed out by Badawi in favour of China CREC (China Railway Engineering Corporation). We can easily assume that at least 10% or $2.5 billion was given as kickbacks to prime ministers, top politicians and the ruling party.

Now we have the ECRL coming in at $55 billion so far, and awarded without open tender to a China state-owned company, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC). Najib has been busy flogging 1MDB's crown jewels to several China companies - 100% of IPP company EDRA for $16 billion including debt (book loss $2 billion) and 60% interest in the Sungei Besi or Bandar Malaysia Land development project for $7.5 billion.

China companies are also major investors in Iskandar land in Johor. A few years ago, the Sultan of Johor disposed $4 billion of land also to China parties. For a man who in clear racist tones blamed the Chinese for the 'Tsumani' that saw Najib and UMNO/BN lose the popular vote at the 2013 General Election, this is surely perverse masochism. But, Najib is desperate. He is being accused world-wide of heading a Kleptocratic regime by robbing and raping 1MDB to the tune of $30 billion, at least.

Najib's answer to it all is not to apologise, resign honourably and go to jail. He proposes to counter Kleptocracy charges by committing even more brazen acts of robbery and corruption. The facts of the $55 billion ECRL project are simple. At $55 billion, the 600 km ECRL will be the most expensive railway line in the world at $92 million per kilometer. Even at $25 billion, the project will not break even in a hundred years. That is so too with the earlier DTRP. And why tunnel through hills and mountains at stratospheric cost when the old Gemas-KB line is already there to be upgraded?

Looking at the last available 2012 audited accounts of our national railway company KTMB, it made a loss of $300 million on a turnover of $455 million. Even if turnover has doubled in the last 3 years, it is unlikely that KTMB made an acceptable profit after tax or Return On Investment (ROI).

In justifying these white elephant projects, the EPU will usually come out with very fanciful pie-in-the sky projections. That somehow passenger and freight volumes will increase ten or hundred fold to justify the huge expenditure. Of course, Najib will classify all the dream projections under OSA and tell the citizens that it is in their interest not to know details of $55 billion of the public's money!

Simple maths tells us that for a $55 billion project, the annual interest cost alone will be, say at 3%, $1.65 billion per year. Can the rail link from KL to Kota Bahru generate this amount of money to cover interest alone, when that for the DTRP does not? What about the operating and annual costs? And what about repayment of the $55 billion loan capital. Where is the money for that coming from?

The simple and shocking truth is that the lowest of the low and most shameless serial liar, fraudster and criminal in Malaysian history does not care. Najib is proposing to solve one massive crime at 1MDB with another massive crime at KTMB, and passing the buck to the grandchildren of our grandchildren. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

But, the reality too is that Malaysia may go bankrupt soon with this kind of blatant robbery by Najib, and it is we who will end up having to pay the price. How can the Malays and UMNO stand by idly and just let it happen, more so when Asia Sentinel says three murders have revolved around Najib as well - Altantuya, Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais?

In the end, Najib's fraudulent sell out to China will constitute high treason for which hanging would be the only appropriate punishment!



By Donplaypuks®, intrepid correspondent for Academy Awards

The ringing tone and straight face with which Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa defended his team of 1.6 million civil serpents, surely deserves some kind of award. CLICK HERE. This is the magnificent performance of sobbing Oscar winners. Another Tan Sri award from Pahang perhaps? Or Chairmanship of Khazanah and Genting Plc upon retirement?

But if corruption is not endemic and epidemic in the civil serpent service:

1. How could two top civil serpents in Sabah have been caught by the MACC with $114 million in cash and jewellery and luxury goods, just a few days ago?

2. Why were top officials at DBKL and a bank arrested for having unaccounted and declared wealth amounting to tens of millions of ringgit a month ago?

3. Why did Ali Hamsa willingly help serially lying, defrauding, plundering and looting PM & Finance Minister Najib in illegally breaking up the 5-Tan Sri Task Force investigating the massive $46 billion fraud at 1MDB? Not to mention $2.6 billion "Arab Royalty donation" misappropriated from 1MDB and $42 million stolen by Najib from SRC, of which $2 million was paid to Ahmad Mazlan, $1 million to Shahrir, $3 million for Najib's personal credit card expenses, $1 million for Najib and Rosmah's anti-ageing pills and cream, holiday and shopping expenses etc.?

4. Why did Ali Hamsa willingly help Najib Unconstitutionally and illegally sack ex-Attorney General Gani Patail on the false grounds that Patail was suffering from such a serious kidney problem that he could not discharge his duties properly?

It was Ali Hamsa who met a shocked Gani Patail on 27 July 2015 to inform him of his instant sacking and walk him out of his office in Putrajaya under police escort.

Why did he not follow the civil service SOP by invoking a board of inquiry where Patail would have had the opportunity to defend himself? And now Patail is still healthy enough to work in his own private law practice office???!!

5. How could Ali Hamsa, and especially MoF Chief Secretary Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, claim they should not be sacked for the $46 billion fraud at 1MDB and SRC when both are 100% government and MoF owned subsidiary companies? What exactly were their priorities - worrying about the future of kucing kurap (small fry) kacang putih, nasi lemak, kayu and mamak stalls and restaurants?

6. What about the $30 billion MoF borrowed from EPF to fund so-called private finance initiative projects i.e. PPFI, another 100% MoF owned company. Why have Ali Hamsa and Serigar refused to make public the names of so-called Bumiputra contractors and the projects they completed? Why have they classified them under the Official Secrets Act? And why is the government funding private finance projects and the Bumiputra Contractors Association not know anything about them?

7. How come the $50 million smuggled in 2012 from Switzerland via Hong Kong by Sabah CM Musa Aman's runner Michael Chia was dismissed as "UMNO donation by overseas businessmen" by Najib and Musa, and the MACC folded up its investigation, no further questions asked?

The massive corruption arising from kickbacks to UMNO by timber concessionaires and exporters has been exposed by Sarawak Report, yet Ali Hamsa claims there was no corruption throughout Malaysia in the civil service? CLICK HERE. Did he not read Bruno Manser Funds MD Lukas Straumann's book 'Money Logging: On The Trail of The Asian Timber Mafia'? CLICK HERE. They do not know about former Sarawak's Taib and his multi-tens of billion wealth accumulated on the salary of a Chief Minister?

No prime minister can pocket billions of ringgit from 100% owned MoF companies without the chief secretary of the ministry or the chief secretary to the government knowing about it. All indications are that they also willingly participated in the highway robbery, profited from it and are helping Najib to cover up the disgusting illegal misdeeds. Movements of these massive sums of money in and out of the country could not have taken place without the central bank, Bank Negara (BNM), being aware of it. And BNM answers to the MOF and Finance Minister (Serigar and Najib).

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) questioned ex-BNM governor Zeti about why on three occasions between 2102-2015 she refused to entertain officers from Arab Malaysia Development Bank (AMDB)who went to see her about these billions of ringgit that were flowing in and out of PM Najib's personal bank accounts. She hid behind banking secrecy laws and "no comment"!!

The man who voiced his concerns to BNM, founder of AMDB Group, Hussain Najadi, was shot dead in broad daylight in KL in 2013. Who and how will those responsible for this heinous murder compensate Hussein's son Pascal Najadi for the permanent loss of a beloved father? CLICK HERE. Pascal has taken his fight for justice to the United Nations, as he sees no avenues for justice in a top-down completely corrupted police and judiciary set-up in Malaysia!!

For their role in assisting Najib in the earlier commission, and now, the continuing cover-up of the gigantic fraud at 1MDB, Ali Hamsa and Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah deserve a permanent cell next to Najib and Rosmah at the Bamboo River (Sungai Buloh) Prison. When highly educated men behave like Goering, Himmler, Heydrich, Hess and the Nazi Gestapo who made it possible for that monster Hitler to plunder and execute war and genocide, they deserve nothing less!



by one step forward two steps back , Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for Ms Education affairs

This is a re-post of a September 2013 article in reaction to Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Muhyddin who decided to abandon the teaching of Science and Maths in English in the face of incensed opposition, including that from many Malays. The MoE paid a Boston USA consulting firm, some $20 million to advise it on an education blueprint for Malaysia. Incredible!

1Minister for Malay MsEducation, MopeyDopeyDin, has just completed his “I had a nightmare” speech on '1**!!## Master Blueprint for Education.' The blueprint was devised by non-inclusive, non-consultative and non-education experts and USA Con-sultans 1McKhinzir Boston Ethos Ong Sucks. Mopeydopeydin proudly announced to a stunned audience of tens of BUMNO supporters that the con-sultan’s promotional cheap sale buy 1 free 1 $20 million fee, (terma terms dan & condisyen conditions berapplikasi apply) was a “stupendously low” price to pay for a non-expert appraisal and exercise resulting in a con-clusive policy of the 1M government of thieves.

Here is the uncensored media release from 1McKhinzir Boston Ethos Ong Sucks Con-sultans, US of A, to 1(failing/failed)Malaysia: 

My fellow Americahns. Ten Hut! What’s up folks? Listen up y’all, we wish to touch base with all Mal Asians. We hail from Boston, good ‘ol US of A, not the boondocks of Asia or the land just North of Singapore. We know times are hard. Gas prices are up. Jeeze, yore automobile (what you call corr) prices stink to high heaven. The average Ahmad, Ah Chong and Muthu Joe cannot afford even a plate of nasi lemak or a cup of teh tarik hot dog halal kosher long sausage thingy, hamburger and french liberty fries, coke, mom’s apple pie and a cuppa java at Starbucks. You are caught between a rock and a hard place. We know that the two-bit slime balls and jerks are in control. They keep throwing curve balls at you. We know. We have visited with them. Look man, it’s like having a whole bunch of monkeys up yore butt. You must tell them, 'Take a bananapeanut hike, buddy!'

It’s a Catch22 situation. Do you fight back or not? Remember George Washington, Valley Forge, Lincoln, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and especially a mouthful from William Jefferson Blythe III (Bill) Clinton? When the chips are down, the cookie crumbling and Monica kneeling? Remember what they said? We don’t neither. But how do we bring home the bacon or bak kut halal kosher chicku teh, chicken and beef ham and sausage, that’s the key question. 

This heah WILL be your new ejjucation policy from here on, 24/7, helmed by us. You have tried with all kinds of experimentation and failed, and goofed miserably at that. In fact it sucks, and sucks big time! Goddammit, failure is no longer an option. We have zero tolerance for losers. You want to be surging up smoothly on the elevator of progressive success, not come crashing down miserably on the lif lift of continuous failure. Otherwise, you will go the way of Eyeran and Eyerak and end up a disaster of biblical proportions. It would be like being up the shit creek without a paddle, with only your doohickey in your hands.  I kid you not.

The practicality of yore previous ejjucasyen policy was always highly questionable, if not actually commie or Taliban, based at it was on non-meritocracy, unlike our system which is based on who you know and how much big bucks/dough/moola/cabbage/ you have ours. Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning? We know you have been burglarized for 44 years by the raccoons, hogs, bob cats, gofers and poontangs from yore own government of thieves. Now it’s time to roll up yore sleeves and buck up already. It's time to kick ass!

Dude, pay attention! You can make a mistake once, but you can can’t fool all the people all the time. Oftentimes, even when you know you have made a major balls up, you may not want to admit it and make the necessary changes for the better. But you must or you will self-nuke. Don’t be a jerk. Do not be dumb. Son of a gun, we must agent orange-bomb and nuke out the commies and Taliban (and the Eyerakians, Eyeranians, Eyerabs, Syrians, Libyans, Moroccans, Algerians, Yemenis, Taliban and their like) in your boondocks country. Unless they agree to Russian Commie and UN education inspectors, we must bazooka napalm bomb ICBM serial bomb exsanguinate without prejudice the traitors or they will continue to cause a ruckus. Got it, chief?

Now hold yore horses. Why do y’all think most Nobel Prize winners are Americans? Awesome, isn't it? The fact that most of them are German Jews People of The Kosher Book, is just a coincidence, and irrelevant. Being second counts for diddly squat. You need a game changer, pronto; a pass mark of 14 for Maths just won't wear; it's gottta be at least 50 17.

Let’s cut to the chase. Lookee here pal, from today all Mal Asians will, 9/11 24/7, ditch the old habit of teaching Bahasa Malaysia in English (or Chinese commie or Tamil backward languages), or English in Bahasa Malaysia, and spelling or pronouncing words with silent letthers. You must monetize alphabetize your language and system correctly as in Uncle Sam’s way, or it’s the highway! 

There is honor in this new system. Remember you say thomatho, some say tomartoe, but we will all now say tomaytoe. You say pothaytho, some say potartoe, we will all now say potaytoe. Some say lieutenant, other say lefthenan, we will all now say lootenan. You must know yore onions. What’s not to like? Organize yoreselves. Which part of ‘organize’ do you not understand? Got it, dude? Forget learning the Chinese commie or Tamil backward languages. They will colonize you. You are either with us, or against us. 

Next, you may not borrow steal English American words like vision, mission, motivation, fashion, fission, fusion, position, passion and pussy and shamelessly pass convert them off to visi, misi, motivasi, fesyen, fissi, fusi, posisi, passi and pussi. Or, logic, music, toxic and tragic into logik, musik, toksik and tragis. Jakim Jack,  Jais just accept it withour rancor, or holy moley, there will be Jihad war! This, under American, International, UN America's God's Law, is apostasy; once you adopt English American words and spelling, you may NOT convert them back, EVER! 

You shall immediately incorporate, among others to follow soon, these English American words into your national vocabulary:

Antenna, not aerial
Apartment, not flat or pangsapuri 
Attorney, not lawyer, solicitor or loyar or peguam 
Automobile, not motorcar or kereta or motorkar
Buddy or pal, not friend or kawan or member or ‘ber 
Cab, not taxi or teksi
Cable guy, not TV Repair Man
Cell phone, not handphone or bimbit
Cent, not sen 
Check, not bill or bil
CIA, not Special Branch
Coach not bus or bas
Congress, not Parliament or Parlimen 
Dollar, not Ringgit
Drugstore, not chemist or farmasi 
Elevator, not lift
Fanny, not vagi** or pa*t*t in BM
Faucet, not tap or paip 
Fender, not bumper or bamper or bam or bum
Flop, not FLOM
French Liberty Fries, not pothatho fries or ubi kentang 
Garbage, pronounced 'gorbage' as in 'mortgage', not rubbish or politician/politikus or sampah
Gas, not petrol or minyak 
Kosher, not halal
Parking Lot, not Car park or Lot Parkir 
Senate, not Dewan Negara
Soccer, not football or bola sepak 
Stocks, not shares or saham 
Truck, not lorry, lori or trak
Tush, ass or butt, not buttocks, backside or buntut (hence the Buntutsan newspaper will be re-named Tushutsan or Assutsan). So it's kiss ass or butt, not backside or cium buntut! Oxtail Soup, not Sup Buntut Lembu
Umpire or Ump, not referee or lefree or pengadil
Washroom, not toilet or jamban or Tandas Puteri
Yo mama, not Rosmahjib 
Zee, not z 
World Series Soccer, not Piala FAM and more. 

Now, you can’t have your hot dog halal kosher sausage thingy or hot bowl of chili and eat it too, can you? Worse, clam chowder! It’s the economy, stupid! Don’t dream of pie in the sky. Look at us, the good ‘ol US of A. Chill (and weep) bro. Unemployment at 8%. National Debt at 101% of GDP, i.e. $120 Trillion. GDP growth rate at negative 1% 2.30%. Do the math. By following our con-sultan's advice, everyone, lordidoo, everyone, will now have an equal opportunity to be poor, except for some color challenged Nig..r no, Negro, no, Afro-American, Black folks up in Alabamy, Detroit, Atlanta and Georgiah, Red Indians, no, Native Americans, Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, illegal Mexicans and those in Africah who are poorer to be suckcessful. Cool. Isn’t that just dandy? Learn from us. Imitate us. Wear denim jeans and tank bikini tops all the time. You need to make every dime count. Buddy, got a dime? Say YES to NO BANKRUPTCY!

Gosh, what do you want, an Indian Native American summer or a Jewish People of The Kosher Book winter with no Xmas or Santa? To go gung-ho and soar to where no man has been before, to infinity and beyond, or crash land and deplane at Mogadishu in bits and pieces? To hit a home run, or run home to starvation? You must go the whole nine yards or it’s three strikes and yer out. Golly gee whiz, for chrissakes, what more do you native Mal Asian chickenshit assholes want - a stick with a mirror attached to look up where the sun don't shine?

Remember, it ain't over till the fat lady sings. Attaboy, with the right attitood, you can win. In God we trust, everyone else pays cash $20 million in advance or it’s game over. We don’t like advertising blatantly for any commercial products, but, come chill out with us and do Have a Good McDonalds Day. Y’all sleep well, y’hear! God bless Americah, Boston and Ethos Ong Sucks. 

Now sing along with us Negaraku O, say, can you see by the dawn's early light........O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Tha....tha....that’s all folks! 

Donplaypuks® and mess around with our educations and future, MopeyDopeyDin!